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Σάββατο 3 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

LITTERATURE-ΛΟΓΟΤΕΧΝΙΑ -Mondern Pop Stories-My name is Elisa- Ανθρωπινα Εσωτερικα] ΚΕΙΜΕΝΑ-TEXTS-Χ.Ν.Κουβελης[C.N.Couvelis}

-Mondern Pop Stories-My name is Elisa-
Ανθρωπινα Εσωτερικα]

Pop Woman Portrait-2μ χ 3μ-χ.ν.κουβελης c.n.couvelis

[Ανθρωπινα Εσωτερικα]
Mondern Pop Stories-My name is Elisa-χ.ν.κουβελης c.n.couvelis

Now,She is writing:
My name is Elisa,Full of Desire female,30 years old,,I know English intermediately  and
French fluently,my profession is stylist,I have 1 children,If I want children I will tell you later,
my body height is 1,70m,the my body type is attractive,I have got Higher Education,my income
is 10.000 $/year and less,I'm not smoker,not drinker,I look for a male,30-40 age range, for
relationship or activity partner or friendship or marriage or romance or   or travel
partner or pen pal world connection,I know you have many thoughts reading it of,may
you will think of some dirty things,but I want to explain why I'm doing it,this is time to
start a new life,open new page of my life story,after all what happened to me I did't give
up,I have overcome all difficulties an became that person who I am now at the moment,
I am full of desire to find my man whom I have in my mind,I am full of desire to make my
man the happiest man and I am sure that I know how to do this,I can be different in
different situations,but with my man I want to be his everything,his bad girl,his lady,
queen,his friend and soul mate,I am sure that if both are satisfied in their relations they
will rich all what they want,they will not have some troubles and the whole life will be
for them like fairytale,I can't say that I am romantic girl living in pink colors,I am more
realistic lady,for me the facts are more important the some promises,I know surely what
man I want and when I unterstand that this is him I will never let him go away,if you
liked my thoughts after reading I will be happy if you write me,I want to be close my man
so I am sure that he is waiting for me for too long,believe me I can be only serious but
also spoiled lady but only with my man,I came here to find him and give him million emotions
every day with every letter,word,meeting and touching...,You,the my man,must be always
sincere and open with me,never lie,must be strong,self confindent and be sure in his aims,
thoughts and plans according what woman and what relations he wants,he must not be greedy 
and also try make me happy every day and never forget that he is real man!
Send free message photos view photos videos send gift or flowers send a smile 
8.00 credits to open a letter
your own Elisa
[now this time, I read the Roman Madame Bovary of Flaubert and I am quoting from
Il ne faut pas toucher aux idoles: la dorure en reste aux mains.
Never touch your idols: the gilding will stick to your fingers]

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