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Παρασκευή 14 Οκτωβρίου 2011

GREEK POETRY-POETRY-c.n.couvelis-ΠΟΙΗΜΑΤΑ-χ.ν.κουβελης-To James Joyce

To James Joyce

To James  Joyce
Ulysses,bearing a mirror,in a yellow
mild morning landscape,with a razor
he halted front the stairway and intoned:
στα κλαρια της βελανιδιας ειναι κρεμασμενα
τα φτερα του Δαιδαλου
and bent his hands towards Icarus and added:
here and there is the sea
and then his face shadowed:
Tell me.Will he come?
ενα ασπρο συννεφο περασε πανω απ'τον ωμο του
I'm not a hero,he is shouting
κοιταξε τη θαλασσα,down on the water,a dolphin
is searching for salt octapous
και στο μυαλο του εφερε τη μανα του να ζητιανευει
in silence,silently,mute her breath
a mass voice beside him
το κομμενο κεφαλι του πατερα μου
στα χερια μου
he turned his gaze from the sea toward the hills
a light wind passed his face
θυμασαι το σπιτι;να υπαρχει αραγε η συκια
κοντα στη στερνα;
Why?I can remember anything
Sea is now blue,he sayed,
My thoughts of so
and then a seabird floated silently east-western
ο Ικαρος ,φωναξε,ο Ικαρος ηταν
Το δερμα της μερας κυματιζε
τεντωμενο στα δεντρα,ενα χερι ανοιξε τα δαχτυλα του
και πεταξαν φρρ πουλια
and behind him heard words
a voice answer
then,in this moment,is slipping the eco of fish
under his memories
I am seeing my fellows
ειδε τους συντροφους του και τους καλεσε
κι εκεινοι σιωπηλοι ενας-ενας πλησιασαν
How are you?
We're tired in this morning
He saw his own image
his winglike hands
and behind him moved slowly boats
A voice A name
I know,Ulysses
Do you know something about Icarus?
Something about Dedalus?
Stephen Dedalus

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