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Σάββατο, 5 Απριλίου 2014

LITTERATURE-ΛΟΓΟΤΕΧΝΙΑ-Woman in phone -CALL ME-pop art- ΚΕΙΜΕΝΑ-TEXTS-Χ.Ν.Κουβελης[C.N.Couvelis}



Woman in phone -CALL ME-2μ χ 3μ-pop art-c.n.couvelis χ.ν.κουβελης

Are you busy?ok!
A moment!ok?
Yesrerday night I saw a dream.I was in a lubricant modern car like ferarri,
I thing.I was driving with high velocity.The city was a mix cities New York
Los Angeles Paris and an unknown futurist big city.I was searching you
and you was'not nowhere.I was very very anxious.And in this mix city others
men were not.Nobody human being!It was strange.I wake up very excited!
Are you laughing?I adore you!
What?a moment.
Are you busy?well!
I phone you later.
Buy.I kiss you my darling.
I love you!
(The woman phoning is ended)

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