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Τρίτη, 15 Απριλίου 2014

GREEK POETRY- the Miles Davis' Cool Effect-Miles Davis-Great Cool jazzman- POETRY-c.n.couvelis-ΠΟΙΗΜΑΤΑ-χ.ν.κουβελης



Miles Davis-Great Cool jazzman-c.n.couvelis χ.ν.κουβελης
the Miles Davis' Cool Effect-χ.ν.κουβελης
walk-into-outs wayward
persistent sketches of quiet night sextets
big red cool autumn escapes
people in southside street all world
in morning mist a cry about no-man
I got blues rhythm
moving kind of blue trumpet
shake lady once I loved you
I swing for sale
what is that thing called poverty
I'll remember the feeling of jazz in April
say it over and over again my foolish heart
subconscious sax jazz trumpet suite to be
the birth of the cool blue symphony of moon dreams indroitus
enfant picolo pesos 'n' boogie conception
the say it's wonderful in a sentimental mood
epistrophy in suburban raggy waltz
strange fruit rockin' in rhythm
just  jazz Friday Freedom swing low my heart
chord-change freebob miles fusion modals
now know it's big biggest orange  coolin' time
you can see 'n' feel
quintet sounds for man winds
we walking miles

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